Tai Chi Practice, Practice, Practice…


Tai Chi Tigers in Beijing

Forever ringing in my ears – practice, practice, practice! “Anything worth doing is worth doing properly”, and to get the most out of whatever ‘it’ is, guess what – Tai Chi practice.

So, with those words eternally etched in my thoughts, practice is always part of my daily routine whether at home or on holiday, outside in all weathers, it’s worth it to feel calm, feel good and know that the health benefits are amazing.

The photo above was taken as part of my training with Masters in Beijing when learning the Fan Form. Unfortunately I had fallen and twisted my knee just before training began and the following few days was almost torture but as a dedicated student, I continued with practice.

masters me1846


Training for the Fan Form was difficult, tiring and exciting as the Fan Form we practiced developed into the most beautiful Tai Chi form. Our teachers were Professor Li Deyin, Master Fang and Master Yip who taught us how powerful a fan can be when, and if,  used as a weapon.

Passionate about bringing Tai Chi health and movement systems to all people interested in improving their health, and to those in good shape to take their health to a higher level, why would you NOT want to practice. Like brushing your teeth after breakfast every morning, brushing your hair and having a shower each day, Tai Chi practice can fit into a daily routine just as easily. Forming a good habit is as simple as forming a bad habit – so which would you prefer?

To promote a long healthy life, alongside the exercise of Tai Chi should be enjoying the outdoors and good healthy food taken in moderation.

Time magazine has more to add to the short but simple list above…

Fresh air – being out in nature to reduce stress, help you to be more creative and improve your memory whilst making you a better person.

Exercise – Tai Chi but consistently, to help make you smarter, happier, to improve your sleep and make you feel better about your body with awareness.



Marsha in woods LOW

Spending time with friends and family – relationships are worth more than you think, proven as important to a longer life and a deterrent to heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Want to feel instantly happier – do something kind for them.

Express gratitude – will make you happier, improve your relationships and can make you a better person. It can make life better for everyone around you too.

Meditate – this activity can increase meaning in your life whilst reducing anger, anxiety, depression and fatigue.


Get enough sleep – you cannot cheat on this one, and not getting enough sleep will affect you in many ways…physically and mentally (as you probably already know!) But enough sleep can improve your decision making, increase alertness and enhance learning ability.

Challenge yourself – learn something new, challenge your beliefs and increase your willpower.

Laugh – like taking a daily vitamin!

Touch someone – with permission, can reduce stress, be persuasive whilst hugs can make you feel happier.



And be optimistic – optimism can make you healthier, happier and extend your life.

For more articles of interest on Tai Chi, it’s benefits and research programs, download Flipboard onto your ipad and search for “Calm Mind, Strong Body”.