Questions and Answers for using Tai Chi


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So, how do you get around and find the information you are looking for.

By clicking on one of the three buttons – Discover / Learn / Enjoy you will be directed to more information which you can download and read at any time, but first we need to know where to send it for you therefore we ask for your email address. We only use this for sending information to you, with your permission.

How do I get back to the Home Page?

Click on the logo at the top of the page.

“How do I quickly check that my class is running this week?”

Go to the bottom of the home page and click on Notice Board – all changes to classes will be posted here (and on the Classes Page too).

How do I find out more information about a subject I’m interested in?

Click on the Notice Board for the latest information or the Archive Listing.

How can I contribute to the family of Tai Chi Tigers?

By writing a testimonial that includes – the benefits you have found, how those benefits have changed your life, what has improved for you, how long it took you to feel the differences, what exercises improve your condition and how often do you practice them – please. One or two sentences is quite enough.

Send us a photo of you practicing your Tai Chi or Qigong.

Write a short article or testimonial about your experience of Tai Chi or Qigong (with photos).

Tell us about articles / features in magazines or newspapers about the relevant subjects of health and wellbeing and Tai Chi or Qigong.

Let us know if you are happy to help new students with their practice in class (having had at least 5 years of experience with us).