Why Do Tai Chi?

“Hour for hour, Tai Chi brings more benefit and enjoyment than most other exercises.

It is an ancient art with great depth, yet requiring no special equipment.

People of any age or physical condition can gain better health, enjoyment and progression to higher levels.

yin yang symbol

It is fun and can be practiced alone or in a group.

What’s more important, Tai Chi helps you to like yourself more, which, in turn, leads not only to better health, but also harmony within yourself and with others”. Dr Lam.

Practice each week in a social group can help you have more friends, an ideal time for sharing.


” I spend many hours a day on oxygen and am regularly monitored by my consultant. I have lung function tests in hospital¬†often and since last year there has been some improvement. I know it is because I regularly practice my Tai Chi breathing exercises – and the consultant agrees”. Jean

“For the past few years I have needed to sit or lean against something to enable me to put my trousers on. I have been doing Tai Chi for a couple of years now and my balance has improved so much that I confidently stand on one leg to put trousers on without any support. It may not sound a great achievement but it does make me feel good!” Stella

Because Tai Chi is truly a holistic approach to exercise, the surroundings, clothing, music and time of day are important to a certain degree. Best practiced outdoors in a suitable pleasant, quiet environment with music you like – or the birds singing in the trees, and wearing loose comfortable clothing, you can begin to feel good and look forward to the benefits of this gentle, yet so beneficial exercise.

Tai Chi has always meant to be a daily exercise regime like the everyday habits of cleaning your teeth or brushing your hair.

Something is better than nothing – a 10 minute breathing exercise / tapping /a few stretches….whatever makes you feel good.

Marsha in woods LOW

” I do some tapping every day. It makes me feel tingly and alive! It wakes me up – sometimes I do some tapping whilst still in bed. It’s fun too!” Pat

“I love to do the stretches. My body feels as if it has had a good workout! My muscles and joints work more freely too. I can reach into the top of my cupboard now (i couldn’t a few months ago!).” Julie

Tai Chi Tigers in Beijing

Many people come to Tai Chi for different reasons, usually for some sort of exercise (gentle and/or strenuous), as a different sort of social activity, to see what Tai Chi is really all about! or as a regular way of ‘chilling out’, enjoy having some¬†very precious ‘me’ time.

There is a lot of research supporting the benefits of Tai Chi exercise for older and less physically able people but there is an increasing amount of evidence to support the ‘stress-free’ time given to children, youths and young professionals whilst practicing Tai Chi, then knowing how to use these techniques in every day life and living.

Want to know more? Would like to try some Tai Chi? Not sure if Tai Chi is suitable for you?

A special invitation for you : Come to watch a class in session – join in, talk to other students.

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