Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Tigers introduction video to this beautifully gentle form will inspire anyone interested in learning Tai Chi.

Believed as the origins of Tai Chi, legend says that a Taoist monk watched the battle between a snake and a bird ten times its size. As the bird lunged at its prey, the snake dodged and weaved with lightning speed. Eventually the exhausted bird flew off for easier prey. The snake’s actions exemplified the Taoist principles of softness, relaxation, flexibility and naturalness, allied to natural breathing and stimulating chi development and strength.

Marsha in woods LOW

Some of the ‘side’ effects that practicing the Yang Style Long Form can have on the human body and mind are described below.


Tai Chi is the ultimate therapeutic exercise – the cerebral cortex is the principal controller of both mental and physical functions in ‘man’. Yang Form moves harmonise the movements of our four limbs to cause a state of calm, total muscle relaxation and great tranquility. The whole nervous system is relaxed and stress can no longer have its disastrous effects. Tai Chi’s movements can benefit numerous physical functions and also be an important medical preventative.


To make your muscles work gently and thoroughly, practice Tai Chi’s slow movements and hold postures correctly. This exercise will give tone and strength to your muscles and joints without the side effects of more vigorous exercise. Posture improves measurably and the skeletal systems function correctly enhancing bodily health and confidence.

Tell tale signs of age are minimised.

skeletal system



Beneficial effects of the Yang Form are proven to keep the heart healthy exercising the vascular system thus increasing blood flow in the body. It has also been noted that the skin is more smooth and toned with consistent practice.


To help you oxygenate your system, stimulate vitality and remove unwanted bodily toxins, practice dantien breathing. Your systems’ functions are enhanced with the free flow and efficient oxygenation of the blood. This also helps the brain to work at peak efficiency. Deeper breathing affects the lymphatic system to help eliminate toxic waste from the body.

respiratory system

digestive system


The digestive system is gently massaged by dantien breathing and the circular movements of Tai Chi moves. The lack of stress on the nervous system and the correct nerve function to the digestive system benefit the whole workings for healthy and efficient digestion.


Due to the posture and movements of Tai Chi, the glandular system is toned and exercised.None of your major organs would function properly without glandular participation.
The immune response is triggered within the body from the activities of your glands and their associated organs.


glandular system

Your metabolism is controlled by the glandular system and your metabolic rate. Your rate is the speed at which your energy, and consequently body fat, is burned in the body.
Your Tai  Chi Form regular practice can help you control your metabolism and thus can help to normalise body weight – note that a healthy diet, plenty of fresh air and good sleep patterns are needed to maximise the effects for the whole body and mind to benefit from this Tai Chi exercise.





Your thymus gland is closely related to your immune system – the  internal exercise of Tai Chi affects the thymus function (part of the immune response to disease). “During experimentation, Tai Chi practitioners produced more antibodies after going through the Form. Athletes, on the other hand, after running 1500 metres, appeared to have a lower antibody count than before their run. This could support the long held belief that Tai Chi assists in the body’s ability to resist disease”.                                                                               J. Hine

The amazing benefits for your health of body and mind are immense – all you need to do is practice the moves. Doing only a few moves correctly can be as beneficial as many moves done in haste! Practice outdoors whenever possible – you will be amazed at the feelings you can achieve in relaxation. Love it!