CalmX for Everyone


Mindfulness…moving meditation…CalmX – peace of mind, tranquillity, relaxation for now and evermore.

Slow, gentle moves that totally submerge your thoughts in you… your mind, your body, to give you relief from the stress and anxiety in your life, and replace them with peaceful meditative feelings of kindness for yourself and others. Using natural breathing techniques that you can relearn, and enjoy, to give yourself the life you deserve, so try one of our CalmX routines.

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CalmX Instructor Course


A CalmX Instructor Course provides a structured learning environment that enables qualified individuals including NHS professionals, Care Workers, Community Group Leaders, Tai Chi Instructors, advanced Tai Chi students, Physiotherapists, and exercise instructors (all with at least 2 years’ practical experience) plus other professionals with similar qualifications and/or a dedicated passion (including patience/empathy and understanding of client needs) & a willingness to help others practice this healing & transformative exercise safely & skillfully.

This intensive course provides each participant with the practice of the basic moves, the practicalities of leading classes, and all relevant theoretical information.

  • ” I highly recommend this course to reduce stress. Marsha, David & the other support staff are friendly and professional. I have confidence in the course that it achieves it’s aims.” Julie B
  • ” Thank you for a fantastic 6 weeks. It was everything I was expecting and more.” Gill S

Teach your existing patients and clients, or start afresh with people interested in learning how to ease anxiety, reduce stress, tension and depression whilst getting a more flexible, balanced, and coordinated body with regular exercise. This  CalmX Course will explain how to get active, be calm and feel awesome with this unique blend of Tai Chi & Qigong principles – an exercise programme for body, mind and spirit for everyone.

CalmX will challenge even the fittest of bodies but also work with unfit or challenged bodies. The principles of CalmX apply to everyone from 5 to 95 years young, exceptionally fit to unfit, in a wheelchair to using supportive sticks.

Become a CalmX Instructor now and the world is your oyster.

Our Instructor Course introduces you to our world of peace, calm, and tranquility for the health and wellbeing of your mind, body, and spirit. The Course material includes an exclusive and comprehensive manual and exciting video to use for your personal study of the CalmX Form. Start your lifetime journey to health and happiness with us now and enjoy a life worth living.

Our CalmX Course is an amazing, unique way to benefit your health and wellbeing as either a personal tool or as a way forward into an exciting and different lifestyle in teaching others.

For more details of the next CalmX course, please email or call Marsha.