Reduce anxiety & stress, get active, feel awesome. 

The CalmX Routine – moves you will want to learn & enjoy to benefit your health & wellbeing… physically, mentally & emotionally.


  • ” I highly recommend this course to reduce stress. Marsha, David & the other support staff are friendly and professional. I have confidence in the course that it achieves it’s aims.” Julie B
  • Just wanted to say thank you for today. Your relaxing and meditative choices were just what I needed and, after a 30 minute nap and no more school work tonight, I am feeling fine if just a bit tired. It was perfect – thank you so much xx”
  • ” Thank you for a fantastic 6 weeks. It was everything I was expecting and more.” Gill S
  • ” I have COPD and sometimes need more oxygen. I practice my Tai Chi breathing daily and have found it so beneficial in my ability to do so much more in ordinary life – it’s amazing how much better I feel. My consultants are astounded at the improvements I’ve made in my ability to breathe more deeply”. Terry


Get active – be calm – feel awesome. A unique blend of Tai Chi & Qigong principles developed to form CalmX – an exercise programme for body and mind and for everyone. As you progress, the routine will challenge even the fittest of bodies. CalmX is for everyone from 5 to 95 years young, exceptionally fit to unfit, in a wheelchair to using supportive sticks.

Tai Chi Qigong

Following healthy routines – good food, fresh air and exercise, you can also do more to help yourself feel great. With the CalmX routine you can strengthen your immune system, increase circulation & energy and reduce stress, tension and anxiety.

Stay calm and clear headed with awareness of your breath – co-ordinate gentle, continuously flowing movements with your natural breathing pattern practicing these exercises.

This routine includes 2 powerful Qigong exercises, a short warm up with stretches, some general tapping into acupoints – and is your moving meditation practice. An introduction for beginners – equally challenging for professionals!

Here is a great daily routine for you –a free trial session – give it a go.