“I have been practicing tai chi with Marsha and David for 10 years and have never tired of the tranquility and calm gained from tai chi having also gained better balance and flexibility. I had Covid in February and the tai chi breathing helped so much and is still helping me now. I would recommend these classes to absolutely anyone Marsha is a brilliant instructor-explaining the moves and how they affect your bodily functions”.
Mollie Smith 21.07.21

tai chiDespite the very wet weather – we laughed, and enjoyed our session.

Outdoor Sessions :

In Manor Heath, Halifax UK

Mondays 2pm – Yang Form (long style)

Wednesdays 11am – Yang Form (long style)

Fridays 11am – Qigong (Beginners Welcome)

Your first session is free for you and a friend. “Pay as you wish for the value you get”. All contributions greatly appreciated. Love the sessions – then practice every day with our Breathe – Tap – Stretch videos below.

“Absolutely loved this morning’s new challenge for the week! I feel so energised and awake!! 

This is my third week of sticking to a new routine of doing these exercises first thing in the morning, before doing anything else. It has made a great difference to my day. 

I feel like I have had my morning shower before I even step into it – already so refreshed (lol) 
Thank you Marsha and David for all your help. 
Ps. Love the ‘get up and go’ music  xxxx” S.H.

Coordinate & Balance

Achieve mental calm, peace, and tranquility with gentle moves to stretch and open the body. Improve your coordination and balance.

Your mental and emotional states are the results of where you choose to take your thoughts – so take the good ones and live in harmony with your inner being.

Breathe Tap Stretch 6 Begin to feel good inside, love your thoughts now and enjoy.

Breathe Tap Stretch v6

Enjoy calm, peace tranquility with this video.

Breathe Tap Stretch v5

Focus – and direct your thoughts, because thoughts become things! So choose the good ones!

Mental Focus

FOCUS…direct your thoughts through relaxing, motivational concentration to get rid of what you DO NOT want with Breathe Tap Stretch 5.

YOUR FUTURE is YOUR CHOICE. Make it NOW. Be happy, be grateful, and thankful for your family and friends, and what you have got because every moment is precious.

Enjoy a new calming exercise with “Tiger Claws”

Kickstart Your Day

Tired? Stressed? Lack energy? Get up and go… gone?
Breathe for health and wellbeing.
Tap for energy.
Stretch to feel alive. Kickstart every day“Breathe Tap Stretch”.
Energise your body and mind. Improve circulation, stimulate energy. Get focus. Feel alive and alert. Take ACTION NOW.

Learn to be CALM with “The Resting Butterfly” sequence.

Breathe Tap Stretch 4 2

Kickstart every day – feel alive, get focus, enjoy calm, move your energy!

Breathe Tap Stretch 3

FOCUS on what you want in your life. Make 2021 the best for you.

FOCUS on what you want in life!

FOCUS on what you want in your life. Make 2021 the best for you.

Energise, exercise, feel great and alive.
Create a great habit for the rest of your life.
WAKE UP – breathe naturally whilst still in bed!
GET UP – tap (short of time, then tap later, anytime will do!)
STRETCH MORE – add enthusiasm and energy to your stretches!
Experience and love the energy you will get from Breathe – Tap  – Stretch 3
Continue our challenge – make this your daily routine.
More stretches. NEW mind-calming exercise  – all in this video.

Take Action – CHALLENGE YOU !

Take control of your life. Make 2021 the best for you.

Get healthy – mentally and physically in balance. Focus on what you want.
Experience and love the energy you will get from Breathe – Tap  – Stretch 2.
Energise, exercise, feel great and alive. 
Enjoy a Calm Mind and Strong Body.
Make this your daily routine and create a great habit for the rest of your life.
More stretches. New mind-calming exercise  – all in this video. 
Go for it – take control of your life!

Breathe Tap Stretch 2

7-day challenge

Breathe : Tap : Stretch

Kickstart your day beginning in bed! Your 7-day challenge to improve your health and wellbeing. Energise, exercise, feel great and alive. Enjoy a Calm Mind and Strong Body with this simple daily Breathe – Tap – Stretch routine with Marsha and David. Just 20 minutes of exercise in 3 parts. Starting now, let us know how you get on – can you do it?

2021 Lockdown

All our classes are suspended until further notice but remember, we are always here to guide and support you in your Tai Chi and Qigong practice.

Thank you all for sticking with us – you’re doing a great job with your practice, and it will only get better.

Look at all the benefits your mind and body can get with regular practice – why wouldn’t you want to do some Qigong every day.
Some thoughts for you to ponder:
“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”.
“For confronting boredom – ask more questions.
For ta.ckling loneliness – take more action.
And for easing sadness – think more of others”.

“Accept……. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Attempt to effect change with kindness, understanding & constructive action”.

Take care, keep safe and well. See you again very soon.

Tai Chi Tiger Classes

Tai Chi Tigers are taught in the traditional way to help you understand and appreciate the basic principles – to appreciate and benefit from Tai Chi & Qigong exercises to help improve health and wellbeing. Tai Chi is an internal martial art (gentle, relaxing and powerful working to develop your qi/energy – not aggressive and fast as other martial arts are) – and, is far more than just a set of moves to copy! Qigong is the ancient art of exercise to help relieve stress, tension & mental health issues (a moving meditation). The British Health Qigong Association (BHQA) is a recommended official qualifying organisation in the UK. Australian Tai Chi master Dr Paul Lam also runs training courses to qualify teachers.

Dedicated practice is the only requisite for amazing health benefits that you will want to experience personally and then possibly share with others. The best way to learn is from an instructor who you feel comfortable with & who encourages you, who teaches with patience and is understanding of individuals’ needs, watch the teacher as they teach others and listen to the way they pass on their knowledge and skills – ask them about their training, experience and teaching of Tai Chi & Qigong.

What happens in a class?

The sessions begin with a few minutes quiet stillness that will allow everyone to ‘settle down’ physically and mentally, also to correct their posture and become more aware of their breathing and body in greater detail. We will then do some Tai Chi breathing, this can be still or include some simple movement.

A gentle warm up with stretches will help to loosen stiff joints and muscles and encourage circulation. The stretches are followed by some Qigong exercise and/or Tai Chi Form where you will have the opportunity to experience moving meditation.

Each session is always completed with a cooling down exercise – to enjoy feeling relaxed and energized.

No equipment is needed, no floor work and most of the sessions can be done, or adapted, for seated practice. Wear loose comfortable clothing and flat flexible footwear, bring a bottle of water with you if you would like to.

Amazing – TOTAL concentration – look into these children’s faces …


Help to focus minds…improve self esteem & confidence…enhance communication…exercise the body for strength, balance, flexibility & co-ordination…helps relieves stress…”energy magic” for a lifetimes journey to health & wellbeing. Take so long to learn and a lifetime to master.


Pupils : “I wish I could do Tai Chi every day at school”. Stubbings HB

“The tiger move makes me feel strong”. Whitehill Hx.


Teachers : “I use the tapping exercise every day to help the children become energised and more focussed”.St Joseph’s Hx

“Doing Tai Chi makes a huge difference to the children – they ‘work’ in a different way & have a better attitude to each other and their tasks. I enjoy the exercise too”. New Road SB


Lockdown testimonials:
“Firstly I would like to say how much the outdoor sessions on the Moor and Manor Heath have helped me. Absolutely brilliant!!!” GF
“Thank you for your endeavours to keep going this year..its been a lifesaver.” SH
“Thank you so much for your commitment & dedication. Your sessions both on the Moor & most importantly on the internet have been so helpful for my well being both physically & mentally and both Linda and I can’t thank you, David and Francis enough.” CM
“Tai Chi in the Park” – June to October…Thank you everyone for your continued support on the Moor all Summer – it has been amazing. What a difference we have all felt ‘being in nature’ and enjoying the energy from the trees and our precious earth. Already looking forward to practice outdoors again!

Personal : “This was my first Qigong workshop with Marsha and just like the classes everyone was friendly, welcoming and supportive. Marsha as always went through the movements clearly and took time to talk through each of the moves, giving us time to practise, write down any notes and ask any questions we had. Really looking forward to the mindfulness workshop in November. I would highly recommend Tai Chi Tigers, if in doubt just give it a go, you won’t regret it”. Chell

Yang Style Long Form…”Thank you very much for a great morning, it was a big help on the road to the Yang Long Form, and very generous of both Margarets to help us”. H.A.

“I found the workshop really useful – it helped me understand some parts of the second form which I have struggled with previously. Also Margaret was a star patiently showing me the moves too”. L.S.

Health Qigong…Thank you Marsha for another brilliant workshop. As always the 2 hours just flew by.  You make the  workshops so interesting, introducing us to new moves  and challenges, keeping us ‘on our toes’ (literally!). The Qi Gong exercise today, Eight Threads of Gold, was just one of those challenges. It was mentally and physically envigorating, so much so, that when I arrived home I was so full of energy that I washed the car, brushed up the leaves in the garden and cleaned out 2 lots of guttering! Really looking forward to the next workshop, who knows how many jobs I will manage next time!!” Sue H

Mindfulness’n’Movement...”Thank you Marsha for another great workshop and for all your patience. The new exercises presented us with yet more thought provoking challenges but it was also so interesting listening to the others attending the workshop. Everyone sharing their experiences and knowledge was inspiring and very helpful in understanding the term ‘mindfulness’ and how it affects our daily lives.  Now all I need to do is remember how to do the ‘movements’!” Sue H

I have had work related back problems for several years. Since I joined your Tai Chi class my back has not given me any pain at all and I have been working too. It’s wonderful – and such a relief. Brenda D

In the past I have suffered with high blood pressure. At my annual check up this year, the nurse took my blood pressure 3 times because she didn’t believe how much it had dropped! I believe it is all down to Tai Chi practice. I feel so much better too.Jean

Last week I came to class in pain, I limped into the room but determined to do something about it, I joined in the Tai Chi exercises and kept within my pain threshold. At some point something happened (I don’t know when) but I walked out of the class at the end of the session painfree and still remain painfree. I was so excited I shared my story the following week with the whole class. I recommend Tai Chi & Qigong exercise to everyone. Grace P

Tai Chi is perfect for someone like me who dislikes sweaty gyms and frenetic exercise. It is calm and relaxing whilst at the same time, a thorough workout. After doing Tai Chi for only a short time, I feel more toned and supple and it is certainly helping the creaking joints to become more supple. I love it! Val

Had the worst marks ever for my exams last year and had a lousy interview although I got the job. Needed to improve my exam results this year so Mum suggested Tai Chi – WHAT!!
Not having much to loose I did some with her and you know what – my results were the best ever!! Must have been a fluke or it was the extra study I put in. To get a better job I needed to go through the interview process again (same panel) this year but I was so stressed, guess what Mum suggested again – well I did Tai Chi with her. The interview panel could not believe the difference in my confidence and my responses to their questions. I was brilliant!
Now what could I say to Mum? Coincidence again?Richard B

“I have always enjoyed excellent health but about a year ago I suffered a slippage of a bone which left me unable to use my left leg and hobbling with the use of a walking stick.What a shock!

My excellent chiropractor recommended Tai Chi. After a year of daily swimming and regular attendance at Marsha’s wonderful Tai Chi classes, my leg has become stronger and stronger. I practise the Tai Chi exercises several times during the day; when waiting for the kettle to boil, in the  shower, standing at the supermarket checkout —- literally anytime. The exercises have helped strengthen my leg and I can honestly say that I feel 95% better. Tai Chi has given me my life back.

It has also helped me with an arthritic hand and can now control the pain without Ibuprofen.

Thank you”. Irene K