Heng Ha breathing

Vocalise & emphasize your out breath (mouth open “aaaaaah”).


Correct relaxed posture. Bear stance – low centre of balance.

Breathe in and raise arms out to the side slightly bent to shoulder height, palms up. Raise centre of balance (COB).

Breathe out and stretch the arms. Lower COB.

Breathe in, palms up raise COB. Breathe out turn palms down & stretch. Lower COB.

Breathe in, cross arms in front at wrists (right hand on top), outstretched, palms down.

Breathe out, relax hands at wrists.

Breathe in, turn palms towards body still crossed but swiveled around each other, take arms down to sides, palms facing away from you.

Breathe out, lift arms in front (shoulder width) to shoulder height, palms up,

Breathe in taking arms out to side slightly bent, shoulder height at each side.

Breathe out and stretch arms.

Breathe in, bending arms at elbow with a loose fist, palms facing out, raise hands.

Breathe out, straighten arms out to shoulder height at side, palms down.

Breathe in, bending arms at elbow with a loose fist, raise hands.

Breathe out stretching arms up, cross wrists, rt on top, open hands, palms turned away from you, rising on to toes.

Breathe in bringing hands down in a circle to dantien resting right hand in left palm, open with thumbs connecting, then lower onto heels breathing out.

Keeping hands still (as above): (imagine body is transparent)

Breathe in, feet still, turn head looking down towards heel over your shoulder to the left.

Breathe out return to centre.

Repeat to the right.

Repeat to left and right twice more.

Breathe in keeping feet still, bend right knee turning slightly to left, head upright, spine straight.

Breathe out, return to centre.

Repeat to opposite side.

Repeat to both sides twice more

Breathe in, lifting hands together up through centre of body to chest height palms up.

Turn palms over, breathe out, bending over to take hands as close to the floor as possible keeping legs straight and connect thumbs.

Gather and turn palms up, breathing in and rise to upright position, hands to chest.

Push down 5 times in all.

On last rise, bring hands to chest height, crossed at wrists, palm facing chest (rt nearest body), arms rounded.

(earth to sky)

Breathe out, separate hands and lift left up, push right down vertically, palms opposite directions.

Breathe in, bend legs, cross hands palms towards chest, rt nearest to chest.

Stretch arms – rt up left down.- straighten legs, breathe out.

Bend legs, breathe in, hands to chest, left closest.

Repeat stretching left arm up, rt down once more.

Repeat stretching left arm up – back to centre.

Stretch arms – rt up, left down vertically.

Arms out to side, palms down, breathing in.

Breathe out and stretch arms.

Straighten legs, breathe in, cross hands right over left in front of you.

Bend knees, relax hands, breathing out.

Breathe in turning hands towards you.

Take hands to dantien (resting left on right) connecting thumbs.

Breathing out take arms to your sides bending knees.