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Outdoor Sessions :

In Manor Heath, Halifax UK

Mondays 2pm – Yang Form (long style)

Wednesdays 11am – Yang Form (long style)

Fridays 11am – Qigong (Beginners Welcome)

Your first session is free for you and a friend. “Pay as you wish for the value you get”. All contributions greatly appreciated. Love the sessions – then practice every day with our Breathe – Tap – Stretch videos below.

Another video for our original “7 day challenge” to KickStart Your Day. You are brilliant... so keep going! Learn the physical moves first, then you will feel the benefits of this amazing ‘breathe to guide your moves’ principle to improve your mental and emotional states.

Coordinate & Balance

Achieve mental calm, peace, and tranquility with gentle moves to stretch and open the body. Improve your coordination and balance.

Your mental and emotional states are the results of where you choose to take your thoughts – so take the good ones and live in harmony with your inner being.

Breathe Tap Stretch 6 Begin to feel good inside, love your thoughts now and enjoy.

Breathe Tap Stretch v6

Enjoy calmpeace tranquility with this video.

Breathe Tap Stretch v5

Focusand direct your thoughts, because thoughts become things!


Mental Focus

FOCUS…direct your thoughts through relaxing, motivational concentration to get rid of what you DO NOT want with Breathe Tap Stretch 5.

YOUR FUTURE is YOUR CHOICE. Make it NOW. Be happy, be grateful, and thankful for your family and friends, and what you have got because every moment is precious. Choose your thoughts wisely, and choose the good ones!

Enjoy a new calming exercise with “Tiger Claws”

Kickstart Your Day

Tired? Stressed? Lack energy? Get up and go… gone?
Breathe for health and wellbeing.
Tap for energy.
Stretch to feel alive. Kickstart every day. “Breathe Tap Stretch”.
Energise your body and mind. Improve circulation, stimulate energy. Get focus. Feel alive and alert. Take ACTION NOW.

Learn to be CALM with “The Resting Butterfly” sequence.

Breathe Tap Stretch 4 2

Kickstart every day – feel alive, get focus, enjoy calm, move your energy!

Breathe Tap Stretch 3

FOCUS on what you want in your life. Make 2021 the best for you.

FOCUS on what you want in your life.

FOCUS on what you want in your life. Make 2021 the best for you.

Energise, exercise, feel great and alive.
Create a great habit for the rest of your life.
WAKE UP – breathe naturally whilst still in bed!
GET UP – tap (short of time, then tap later, anytime will do!)
STRETCH MORE – add enthusiasm and energy to your stretches!
Experience and love the energy you will get from Breathe – Tap  – Stretch 3
Continue our challenge – make this your daily routine.
More stretches. NEW mind-calming exercise  – all in this video.


Take control of your life. Make 2021 the best for you.

Get healthy – mentally and physically in balance. Focus on what you want.
Experience and love the energy you will get from Breathe – Tap  – Stretch 2.
Energise, exercise, feel great and alive. 
Enjoy a Calm Mind and Strong Body.
Make this your daily routine and create a great habit for the rest of your life.
More stretches. New mind-calming exercise  – all in this video. 
Go for it – take control of your life!

7-day challenge

Breathe : Tap : Stretch


Kickstart your day beginning in bed! Your 7-day challenge to improve your health and wellbeing. Energise, exercise, feel great and alive. Enjoy a Calm Mind and Strong Body with this simple daily Breathe – Tap – Stretch routine with Marsha and David. Just 20 minutes of exercise in 3 parts. Starting now, let us know how you get on – can you do it?

GET MOVING : TAKE ACTION.  Living (as always) with energy & love xx

2021 Lockdown

All our classes are suspended until further notice but remember, we are always here to guide and support you in your Tai Chi and Qigong practice.

Thank you all for sticking with us – you’re doing a great job with your practice, and it will only get better.
Some thoughts for you to ponder:
“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”.
“For confronting boredom – ask more questions.
For tackling loneliness – take more action.
And for easing sadness – think more of others”.

“Accept……. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Attempt to effect change with kindness, understanding & constructive action”.

Take care, stay safe and well. See you all again very soon.

Look at all the benefits your mind and body can get with regular practice – why wouldn’t you want to do some Qigong every day. Qigong for the health and wellbeing of your body & mind:

  • brain – improve cognitive function
  • mood – relieve anxiety & depression symptoms
  • connective flexibility – improve strength
  • cardiovascular system – lower blood pressure / reduce resting heart rate
  • joints – relieve arthritis pain
  • balance – improve physical & mental balance
  • bones – increase density
  • immune system – improve function & reduce inflammation profiles
  • muscles – improve strength
  • overall wellbeing – improve markers in healthy & chronically ill people.

Tai Chi Long Style Yang Form:

  • Improve immune function.
  • Develop your muscle strength.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Increase bone density.
  • Reduce resting heart rate.
  • Improve balance.
  • Enjoy more joint flexibility.

Life is for living – enjoy in peace & tranquility with energy & love. Practice Tai Chi & Qigong at home regularly (in between classes!) to strengthen your immune system, build a stronger more flexible body and keep a grip on a positive mental attitude to get you through these difficult times.

Please keep in touch – we are always OPEN for your questions and comments. 

Home Practice Online Videos – Special Offer 

£60 (or £8 each) Please call Marsha to buy any, or all, the Home Practice Videos.

“Back to Basics” home practice 9

Tai Chi & Qigong daily. for mental relaxation and physical strength.
Feel the difference, be more aware of your body and breath.

Amazingly relaxing, simple moves – and evidence ‘that proves the effectiveness of this exercise on immunity, & Tai Chi efficacy for treating infectious diseases’. Read more.


Heng Ha breathing

“The Secret Power of Breathing” home practice 8

“The Secret Power of Breathing” – a CalmX routine to follow but it will need practice to fully achieve the powerful benefits gained from these simple moves.

To help you coordinate your moves with your natural breathing pattern, we have some notes here. Vocalise each breath – in as “henn”, out breath as “aaaaaaaaah” with enthusiasm.

“Calm Mind, Strong Body” home practice 7

“Calm Mind Strong Body” – a CalmX routine to practice standing or seated. Develop & gain mastery over your mind, your qi & your body. These exercises are only guides & aids to this process & are not ends in themselves.

Slow flowing movements will improve flexibility & posture & with regular practice will give you longer, & stronger muscles. 

Calm Mind Strong Body

mc WT

“Transferring Weight” home practice 6

“Transferring Weight” – another CalmX routine – with the essential principle of Tai Chi & Qigong Weight Transference simply integrated into this video:

  • moving from your centre
  • consciously shifting weight
  • controlling your balance with an upright posture 

“Feeling Awesome” home practice 5

– CalmX routine to become mindful, can enhance serenity, create positive emotions and cultivate your inner energy. Discover simplistic. progressive exercises for a lifetime of amazing health & wellbeing.

Seated or standing for all levels of fitness, these moves introduce simple exercise to beginners. “If you don’t make time in your life for exercise & health, then you will have to make time later for illness.” How true may this be for you!

tai chi qigong reduce stress

tai chi qigong mental physical balance

“Get Physical and Mental Balance” home practice 4

“Get Physical and Mental Balance” feel calm, clear-headed, grounded and motivated creating a more balanced life. Exercise using left & right sides of your body equally, in alternative directions, and start with your less dominant side. Every day, use your less dominant hand or leg for regular daily tasks – like opening doors, drawers, putting your clothes on using the other arm or leg….only if it is safe for you, it’s fun!

“Calming your Mind” home practice 3

“Calming Your Mind” anxious? stressed? then join us to benefit your health – exercise your mind and body. Start every day with a calm mind. Rejuvenate your day with practice after lunch. Relax before bedtime for a good nights sleep. Be aware of your body’s needs.

“Curling Tails” and “Swirling Water” qigong exercises are for anyone to enjoy – children and adults, fit and unfit, sitting on a chair.

Most importantly, breathe naturally – to and from the dantien (a place inside our bodies 2 finger-width beneath your tummy button) generally breathing in to lift and out to lower. Co-ordinate your moves with your breath.


calm your mind

stretching to expand

“Stretching to Expand” home practice 2

“Stretching to Expand” – feel good, feel alive & energised.

Simple stretches that can either be a superb workout for the super fit or a gentle stretch for those bodies that are more delicate. It’s up to you how much effort you put into the stretches and only do what you can comfortably do – listen to your body.

“Breathing to Begin” home practice 1

“Breathing to Begin” – Tai Chi Tigers first home practice video for you.

Enjoy with us now – gentle, calming exercises to feel relaxed, at the same time feeling  energised and more positive.

An ideal workout for the mental strain you may be feeling in these uncertain times.

breathing to begin

Coronavirus Update – stay well: wash hands often / use a tissue for coughs / avoid touching your face.

Take Action – practice Tai Chi & Qigong daily for regular mental & physical exercise.

Limit the news & be careful what you read. 

All indoor classes now postponed until further notice.

Workshops 2021

Unfortunately due to the present situation (coronavirus), all our Workshops are postponed until we are released from lockdown.  Our exciting new programme includes The Butterfly Fan Form, The LifeQi Pattern and Teacher Training for CalmX. 

“Dear Marsha – Just a few words to describe what a great session we all had at the Saturday workshop. I said all since everyone I saw was involved, irrespective of their level of knowledge. It was enjoyable and exhilarating and I look forward to the next one”. J.H.

“Thank you Marsha and David for another wonderful workshop – these workshops give me the incentive to practice more every day. We study the moves in detail and learn how each move affects a certain part of the body energizing us and helping us get the most out of our day and also enhancing our wellbeing! I would certainly recommend these workshops to everyone!” M.S.


Just some of our Tiger family & friends celebrating Chinese New Year together after a short relaxing session of Qigong.


“Thank you so much for yesterday’s gathering of ‘tigers’ – I’m not quite sure if it was an ambush or a streak! –  but it proved that these tigers are not solitary animals”. Chris H

“Thanks Marsha. We all thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. Well done to you & your team”. Gill L

” It was so lovely seeing everyone happy, laughing & really enjoying themselves – & meeting new friends”. Sue H


Together we raised £336 which we are donating to Macmillan Cancer Halifax:

“The Jayne Garforth Cancer Information Centre:

& the British Heart Foundation in Halifax.

An amazing effort by everyone who supported the event.

BHF thanks

NHS thanks

Join us to celebrate World Tai Chi & Qigong Day with over 80 nations & 100’s of cities worldwide.
Everyone welcome to enjoy an amazing experience  that may change every aspect of your life promoting a healthier wellbeing physically & mentally.

Learn more about Tai Chi & Qigong.

From 9.30am talk to our instructors, hear about the amazing benefits:
to their health from this exercise,
the peace, calm and tranquility gained to deal with stress at work or in life.
Watch demonstrations of different Forms using swords, fans & sticks.
10am – 11am Experience the basic simple moves of Tai Chi & Qigong for yourself.
Never done this before? so try it now.
Beginners & Masters, fit & unfit, wheelchair users & people of any age 5 to 95 – this exercise is really for almost everyone. Come & enjoy it with us – you will feel so much better afterwards…physically or mentally – guaranteed!
Help us to help others –Donations of £5 pp or £10 per family (2 adults + up to 4 children over 5).
All proceeds to charity.

Health and Wellbeing 

Looking for more information relating to a healthy body and mind, the amazing benefits of Qigong? then click on Health & Wellbeing for articles to help motivate & encourage you towards a better, happier life, and living life to the very best you can.

parting the clouds


Strengthen muscles as well as heart to stay fit and healthy, say top doctors –

article on BBC News today 07.09.2019 recommends Tai Chi to combine deep breathing and relaxation with gentle movements.

Worth reading – an article brought to my notice in The Guardian recently :  read here.

And this week in The Times – Qigong : read here



metal Ox

Year of the Metal Ox

We are coming to the transition from the Year of the Rat (ending February 11) to the Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox (beginning 12 February 2021), and celebrations can last up to 16 days! Wow!

Oxen are the hard workers in the background, intelligent and reliable, but never demanding praise” according to the Chinese Zodiac. “Oxen are honest and earnest. They are low key and never look for praise or to be the center of attention. This often hides their talent, but they’ll gain recognition through their hard work. They believe that everyone should do what’s asked for them and stay within their bounds. Though they are kind, it’s difficult for them to understand persuasion using pathos. Rarely losing your temper, they think logically and make great leaders”.



2020 Wellbeing Festival – CANCELLED due to coronavirus

“Thank you everyone who came along and supported Tai Chi Tigers throughout Saturday and Sunday. The weekend was great and the public Tai Chi & Qigong session on Sunday was truly memorable. Our taster sessions were very well attended and inspired lots of people”.MC

Many thanks to everyone involved at The Piece Hall, 2019 and special thanks to Howard of Phoenix Radio and his team whose music set the scene.