“A World of Opportunities” for the Girl Guides to experience in 2018 – to hear of trips overseas, camping, work experience helping others and exciting activities here in West Yorkshire.

In the beautiful Bradley Wood near Brighouse West Yorkshire, the Girl Guides and their leaders from all over the North East of England came to the World of Opportunities weekend – to camp out and enjoy various activities such as Tai Chi & Qigong, Indian Dancing, the Cave Bus & a night time campfire happening. Tai Chi Tigers’ contribution to an exciting weekend led two sessions for the girls and their leaders to experience this tranquil exercise outside – despite the low temperatures! but at best, no rain and little wind!

As part of our research programme, we asked the girls (37 of them aged between 13 – 16) to identify their feelings physically and mentally both before and after a session of Tai Chi & Qigong in the woods and write down their own descriptive words. The main common words before the session began included – stressed, tired, cold and sleepy. 

After their session, the girls wrote down their different feelings describing themselves as relaxed, calm and warm inside…..and I must add that the temperature we were practicing in was only about 10 degrees  – ideal when you are suitably dressed!

In the beginning, very few of the girls knew what Tai Chi and Qigong were, only one had done some before, and a couple of them had seen some Tai Chi previously. After a brief explanation, we all went to a quiet place in the woods to practice. 86% of the girls had written down that they were cold before the session but at the end, none complained of being cold and 14% of them specifically told us they felt warm (despite the cold weather).

Also before the session started, 30% wrote that they were stressed, 86% felt tired and 32% were sleepy. Finishing the session, their feelings had changed. The words they wrote down equated to 68% feeling more relaxed, 40% wrote that they were more calm, none were sleepy and none felt stressed. One or two of the girls also described themselves after the Tai Chi & Qigong as feeling more alert, happier, energised, centred and refreshed.




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