Tai Chi Tigers Book

A little book of useful information including Qigong exercises, the concept of Chi, Five Elements, Tai Chi for Health and lots more.

Read it at your leisure online at Photobox, then if you would like your own copy, please follow the instructions on their website.

This is the link you need for the Tai Chi Tigers Book


Tai Chi Tigers CD for Health

Ideal CD for Beginners and, daily practice for any student, made for your personal audio devise. Breathing Exercises, Stretches and Tapping with voice leading instructions and a gentle music background to promote a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation – feel great doing as much or as little as you enjoy. £9.50


Yang Form Long Style CD

This great CD offers you the opportunity to practice on your own without having to memorize the sequence of the Form. A gentle narration guides you through the moves whilst the soft background music lulls you into a quiet, comfortable feeling of confidence. A super way for outdoor practice to peace, tranquility with some gentle exercise and moving meditation. Also includes the LifeQi Circle and the LifeQi Pattern for more advanced students. £9.50


Yang Form Long Style DVD

A video to support your class lessons and remind you of the sequence of moves, this DVD has voiceover commentary. Set in the beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire Dales, Watch and enjoy the tranquil movements of this form. Currently out of stock £9.95.


White Flower Embrocation

Provides relief from stuffed-up feelings with catarrh, colds & flu – Relieves dizziness and headache – Temporarily relieves muscular pain – Good for travel & motion sickness – Stop itching from insect & mosquito bites.

Please ask to test smell before purchase, but I love it! A small (but long lasting) bottle costs £7 (plus p&p).

aloe vera

Forever Living Aloe Vera Products

For all your Aloe Vera and Bee products, ask Marsha for the latest catalogue. She has been a UK distributor for over 8 years using the products herself for health and wellbeing.

“They are amazing – not the cheapest but certainly the best value for money. I use them daily and enjoy the benefits of many different products. The catalogue is full of great gift ideas when you’re stuck for what to give as a present!”


Sound Medicine CD from Anima

Discover new depths of healing through sound – feel peaceful and calm with this amazing CD.

Selling to you with energy and love from Tai Chi Tigers at £11.95 (plus p&p)


From Marsha’s “Hello Everyone” you feel confident she will lead you to a very relaxed “place”. The music also helps. No pressure – the gentleness of her voice is so helpful and peaceful. One feels drawn into her gentle instructions of each movement and for me personally I can enter another world of peace and a nice warm feeling. At the end of her lesson my body and mind feels better. Some movements can be a challenge but what a good feeling when guided by Marsha’s instructions (and patience) I am able to achieve them. Originally I thought Tai-Chi was not for me – Marsha has proved me wrong. I look forward to her Tuesday morning class and when unable to attend, on goes her CD at home. I would recommend you to come along, it is also so very nice meeting people and chatting over a ‘cuppa’ after the lesson.. Hazel H

Just watched one of the Tai Chi Tigers DVD’s, it’s brilliant – the perfect antidote to two hours on the allotment .It is absolutely mesmerizing, and the music is wonderful, makes me realize just how much in terms of years I have to learn, but great to see that some sequences are repeated in the second and third parts. This will help enormously when I am practicing; as you say it’s not a replacement for coming to classes, but it is a wonderful reminder of what we should be achieving. Joyce W