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Beginners welcome to join us – for the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit, learn simple moves to enhance peace and tranquility in your daily life. Just call Marsha for more details.


MH jun21

No matter what the weather this year, our enthusiastic Tigers are practicing every week come rain or shine….we just wear appropriate clothing!

For one hour, we all enjoy total peace, tranquility, energy, and love – with absolutely no interference from our ‘chattering minds’, daily life issues, or the little niggles we may have. We leave our sessions in the park feeling relaxed, energised and looking forward to the next time we meet.

Beginners welcome every Friday 11 – 12 in Manor Heath, Halifax.

Late Autumn 2020 – our Tai Chi & Qigong practice has been stimulating and challenging, testing our endurance and so much more! The cooler temperatures add another dimension to our practice. You can literally feel the benefits that nature can give to everyone, with time and patience they can be yours too.

Qigong An exhilarating session in what began as snow, turning to sleet, then rain. At the end we decided that perhaps thermal gloves would be good for Christmas!!

2 groups manorheath

The following week, two groups of enthusiastic members enjoyed perfect weather for our Yang Form practice.

post lockdownSocially distanced, the sun shone on us whilst exercising our minds and bodies helping us to accept the current Covid situation with peace and tranquility.


Summer 2020 – our Tai Chi & Qigong practice has been amazing, testing our balance and so much more!

“Thank you for your endeavours to keep going this year..its been a lifesaver” SH

“Thank you so much for your commitment & dedication. Your sessions both on the Moor & most importantly on the internet have been so helpful for my well-being both physically & mentally and both Linda and I can’t thank you, David and Frances enough”. CM 


Fabulous Tai Chi & Qigong morning practice in a quiet, tranquil setting at home…unbelievably exhilarating.
Discover your calm mind and strong body with our exclusive training programme of gentle exercise continuing on the Moor in Halifax for September starting Monday 7th.

Enjoy practicing outside (unless it is windy or very wet) – the difference between indoors and out is special, exciting, and quite enlightening as you can appreciate your body in greater detail, more easily absorb natural energies from around you and become totally engrossed in your practice to free your thoughts.



The best time to start your journey to health & happiness with Tai Chi & Qigong for a Calm Mind & Strong Body.

Moor rain

Enthusiastic members of Tai Chi Tigers practicing under the shelter of trees on a warm July day 2020.

Many thanks to everyone who continues to practice and support us during lockdown restrictions.

Tai Chi & Qigong practice outside is natural & invigorating & the memories will sustain us during the long winter days to come.


Tai Chi Tigers practice and thrive during lockdown on The Moor in Halifax (maintaining social distancing). A fabulous way to overcome any mental stress during these uncertain times.

The best way to enjoy peace & tranquility with exercise, and suitable for everyone of all ages.


Fabulous session of Tai Chi & Qigong on a very sunny day in The Piece Hall Halifax, introducing an amazing form of exercise to begin your journey to health & happiness for the rest of your life.



Demonstrating Tai Chi Yang Form & Wu Xing Qigong in The Piece Hall Halifax August 2020 (coronavirus lockdown social distancing).

A guaranteed way to a Calm Mind & Strong Body. Discover how you can achieve this with Tai Chi Tigers. Just call or email Marsha for more information.


A sensational gathering – some of our ‘tiger’ family celebrating Chinese New Year at which we raised £336 for charity.


Tai Chi Tigers Beginners Course in Causey Hall Halifax…

“Thank you for a fantastic 6 weeks, was everything I was expecting and more”. GS

“Marsha has great expertise& passes her knowledge to pupils in a wonderful manner”. MS

The tutor – “very patient, easy to follow, knowledgable, friendly & helpful”. TB, CB.


Enjoying our Yang Style Long Form practice outdoors in a fabulous local setting – followed by a relaxing social gathering.


Our Skircoat Green class took the opportunity to enjoy practice outdoors too – on The Moor Halifax whilst their venue is being refurbished.



Demonstrating the Butterfly Fan Form at Wellbeing Festival in The Piece Hall Halifax. Tai Chi Tigers offered everyone the opportunity to attend free taster sessions of Tai Chi & Qigong over the weekend.

Many people cam from around Yorkshire to enjoy free family fun and then join in or learn about the many activities on offer from local clubs and also services provided in Calderdale to improve everyone’s health and wellbeing by becoming more active in social settings.

Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

fan PH

Tai Chi PandaDavid in fancy dress? (courtesy of Sudocrem)


World Health Qigong Day

World Health Qigong Day

An exhilarating experience – practicing Qigong beneath a Chinese Parasol Tree whilst it protected us from the pouring rain!

We all met in Lilford Park, Leigh to enjoy Qigong exercise together to celebrate World Health Qigong Day. Feeling energised, relaxed and happy we then went about our day with enthusiasm for life and living.

Qigong is a remarkable way to restore health, give you vitality, experience mindfulness, encourage longevity and happiness – try it and feel for yourself the difference in your life.


Training for Tai Chi Staff with Professor Peng was amazing – totally engrossed in the movements of graceful tranquility whilst totally focussed on the sequence of co-ordinated moves between me and a stick!


The European Health Qigong Games were held this year in the UK at the University of Hertfordshire. Twenty countries were represented with teams and individuals from as far away as Canada demonstrating their skills and ability in Health Qigong.

European Health Qigong Games

European Health Qigong Games



TC park18

Thank you everyone who came along to our Tai Chi in the Park – a fabulous practice in gorgeous weather with great people – an event to enjoy. All welcome – no experience needed, just bring a smile…

See you next Thursday, 6 – 7pm, or August 16th & 23rd. No practice in the park if it is raining!

Tai Chi in Crossley Gallery

Tai Chi in the Crossley Gallery.

Mindful exercise, a moving meditation.

Mindful exercise as a moving meditation.

Our Tai Chi Tigers class in Dean Clough’s Crossley Gallery where peace and tranquility help our students to enjoy the gentle, mindful exercise of Qigong for wellbeing and health in body, mind and spirit, and  the challenges of Tai Chi Yang style Long Form to practice in Crossley Gallery’s amazing space.

Another brilliant workshop with Marsha and David. Different experience levels taking part but Marsha took the time to go around everyone and the beginners like myself had David to patiently take us through the first form. Everyone was so friendly and always such a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Cannot wait for next year’s schedule of events”. M.G.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2018


Thank you everyone for your support on such a cold day – exercising in the fresh air is the best!





Tai Chi Tigers WTCQD

WTCQD Dean Clough

Practicing Tai Chi & Qigong together for over ten years – Enid is now our oldest (and most fit) student at 93. She is amazing, and has completed the 3 sections of the Yang Style Long Form!

Grace, Enid, Jean

Happy girls – Grace, Enid & Jean. Enjoying our Christmas meal!

Sarah & Nancy

Celebrating Christmas in April – Sarah & Sandy.

Workshops in Dean Clough – a fabulous space for calm, tranquil sessions of Tai Chi & Qigong in Halifax.DC workshop3


DC workshop2


Thank you girls for the amazing Tai Chi practice sessions we had together in the park this year – so relaxing x


tai chi in the park

WTCQD 2017

Watch 2 minutes of Tai Chi Tigers in action at Dean Clough Halifax for the WTCQD 2017 – such a wonderfully relaxed group of people.

Now, call or email Marsha and find out how you can join us, your first class will be free to watch or join in – you know it makes sense to try for yourself.





Practicing Tai Chi & Qigong with the most wonderful group of enthusiastic girls every week – Grace is just 70 whilst Enid is only 90.

We’ve been exercising / meditating together for best part of 10 years in the Upper Calder Valley.

We’d love to welcome any new beginners to join this group as it is small enough to work with a few more interested students.


One of Tai Chi Tigers community classes where people from all walks of life join in a relaxing form of exercise, meet friends old and new, and start their weekend feeling great.

Beginners and Intermediate students exercise alongside each other in the most friendly atmosphere, helping each other and enjoying a laugh together.

It’s great fun, you feel energised but mostly relaxed – an hour of ‘me’ time! It’s amazing – come and try it for yourself and feel the difference in you.

Call Marsha or David 01422 240 730.


WTCQD Yorkshire

Tai Chi Tigers contribution to World Tai Chi & Qigong Day at Dean Clough Mills, Halifax.

Many thanks to everyone who joined us for this fabulous event – see you next year 2018 (last Saturday in April).