Tai Chi & Qigong practise at home by yourself is great after learning in class, but for many of you this is not always possible or convenient. To help you remember moves and sequences, below are some examples for you to watch –


Cloud Qigong – Spiralling the Energy

As part of the Cloud Qigong, this move is one of my favourites. Although perhaps a little challenging as to remembering the sequence and direction of arm movements, the flow of energy around the body is quite stimulating, and for some, very obvious.

As various acupoints connect from the hands to the body, imagine your ability to move the energy around the body in a slow, flowing continuous movement.

Qigong spiralling energy

single brush knee & push

Single Brush Knee & Push

Listening to the natural rhythm of your breath, move in a continuously flowing way to practice this move. Turning from the centre, allow the arms and legs to follow the body in this most powerful move.

For those of you eager to learn, remember and practice the Yang Style Long Form having gone through the moves in class with Tai Chi Tigers, we are creating, over time, short videos of the moves.


Moving from press, turning to gather sparrow’s tail into single whip.

Remember for turning body to transfer weight.

Adjust right toes to complete single whip.

The example below is a practice video for the move “monkey picking fruit”

This example shows the moves from part of the Yang Form Long Style

Yang Style Long Form – section one

From “stork cools wings” – section one


LifeQi Pattern

Yang Style Long Form – Section 2



Just watched one of the Tai Chi Tigers DVD’s, it’s brilliant – the perfect antidote to two hours on the allotment .It is absolutely mesmerizing, and the music is wonderful, makes me realize just how much in terms of years I have to learn, but great to see that some sequences are repeated in the second and third parts. This will help enormously when I am practising; as you say it’s not a replacement for coming to classes, but it is a wonderful reminder of what we should be achieving.” Joyce W