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Tai Chi & Qigong Classes in Halifax & Calder Valley

Everyone is welcome at anytime to come along and see for yourself just how wonderful  and beneficial Tai Chi exercise is for the young and the young at heart, the fit and the “not so fit”!

Tai  Chi  & Qigong classes are run throughout the week in Halifax, Sowerby Bridge & Todmorden, please download our current schedule.

In addition to our Public Tai Chi Classes, specifically tailored classes can be created for your own community group, corporate business or as part of your activity programmes.

One to One Tai Chi & Qigong Tuition in Halifax & Calderdale

A thorough workout for body and mind at whatever level you wish and a way to help you cope with any stressful situations you have in your life.

Of course, to maximise the effects of Tai Chi exercise, ideally your practice should go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits – a holistic approach to living and life.

Tailored specifically to your needs, Tai Chi and Qigong exercise will help you to improve your life, health and wellbeing as we will start from where you are now both physically and mentally.

Online Tai Chi learning

Using our range of DVD’s and CD’s, you can regularly practice Tai Chi and Qigong in the privacy of your own home or outside in natural surroundings, choosing what you like to do most.

Our online Tai Chi & Qigong learning experiences are supported by frequent Workshops around the UK and selected Wellness and Spa Retreats around the world.

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My wrists can be quite painful at times and I was a little wary of the exercise. After the first session I was amazed at the difference in the range of movement my wrists can now make. I practice every day now, although I am aware of a little pain but it is worth it! Thank you. I look forward to my class with you each week. Robert

I needed to use an inhaler 4 times a day and also at night. I have been coming to your Tai Chi class for 8 or 9 weeks now and I only use my inhaler once in the morning and then at night. I feel so much better and the exercises have improved my breathing so much. I know it is the Tai Chi – it certainly works for me. Pauline